Enhance your School Productivity With Smart School Master

Budget-Friendly School Management Software

Here are the step-by-step procedures to acquire Smart School Master.

Step 1: Review the Proposal

Product proposals are accessible for viewing and can be requested from the sales team. Reviewing a product proposal provides insights into its features and benefits.

Step 2: Request Demo

Request a 20-minute demo to experience our product firsthand. This will provide you with comprehensive insights and an opportunity for our team to address your questions.

Step 3: Payment

An invoice will be provided for payment. Our product prices are economical, and you can choose a two-payment option: 70% upfront and 30% upon completion of the setup.

Step 4: Product Setup

At this stage, we'll request the necessary information/data for setting up your app. The setup duration is outlined in each product proposal.

Step 5: Training

We offer comprehensive training for all users on using our products, conducted either in person or online. The schedule is arranged based on mutual agreement between you and our team.

Step 6: Support

Our team is readily available to offer ongoing support, ensuring you have a positive experience and can effectively utilize our products.

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